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Eternal Trees - Austrian Pine Sapling

Eternal Trees - Austrian Pine Sapling
Eternal Trees - Austrian Pine SaplingEternal Trees - Austrian Pine Sapling
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Tree Saplings make both memorial and celebratory gifts.

Sometimes you may want to send a gift for a special occasion or milestone, but want to send something unique and different that will last forever. Why not send a gift that lasts a Lifetime like an Eternitree Gift Tree?

The Eternitree Gift Trees are the perfect gift to send instead of a flower arrangment as a gift of sympathy, or to mark the years as someone celebrates a birthday, newborns and new births, or anniversaries. This is even a perfect gift to send to a friend on the passing of their beloved pet, as a pet memorial.


Pinus Negra

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The Austrian Pine has strong character and can serve well as a landscape decoration, as a windbreak or border tree. It has 4” to 6” handsome dark needles. Usually not more than 40 feet in gardens at maturity, very broad.

Growth per year: 8 to 12 inches

Height: Up to 40 feet

Spread: 25 feet

This tree grows in: Planting Zones 4-8


The Eternitrees are hardy and easy to maintain. They can be planted during any time of the year and even last for months in the pot we ship them in if you can't plant the tree right away. In addition, our Tree Markers and Plaques are permanent reminders for your special location.

The Eternitree Gift Tree package includes:

* Your 2 to 3 year old tree sapling (approximately 2 feet tall) in a 5 inch pot wrapped in decorative packaging,

* A 4 x 6 gift booklet that includes your personalized message

* Complete care and planting instructions.

Note: Eternitree has now gotten the Oprah Winfrey seal of approval. These tree gifts are featured in O at Home magazine!

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